We have been producing embroidery since 1986 on clothing and accessories such as belts, bags and labels even in leather.
Customers provide us with the fabric to be embroidered or laser cut to be applied on the garments.
We take care of the embroidery and not the manufacture.
Our embroidery is carried out with single manual and multi-head machines
Our main features are creativity and attention to quality, for customer satisfaction.
We stand out for our ability to carry out embroidery with single manual machines that are no longer possible with automatic machines.

Embroidery P.G. Via Chiaviche,19 - 41031 - Camposanto - MO - Italy
TEL.: 0039 0535 82453
P.IVA 01672870365 - C.C.I.A.A. N 233750

E-Mail: info@ricamificiopg.it